Does our club insurance cover international flights?

Yes. Here is the language from our insurance policy for 2015/2016:

Does N245SR have a radio station license? If so, how long is it good for?

Yes. The license was obtained in October, 2015 and is valid for 10 years.

A PDF copy is attached to this article.

Where is the aircraft radio station license in N245SR?

It is in the aircraft along with the other documents, under the panel on the passenger side.

Do I need a radiotelephone license to travel outside the US?

Yes. You can apply online using the FCC's Universal Licensing System. Create an account then apply for an "RR" license. In a few days you'll receive an e-mail and can download your license.

Does N245SR have a user fee ("customs") decal?

Yes, for 2015 and 2016. It's affixed to the door jamb and visible when the pilot's door is open. This meets the requirement detailed by the following Customs and Border Protection language: "The User Fee decal for private aircraft and private vessels is to be affixed on the outside of the conveyance within 18 inches of the normal boarding area, where it is visible when doors/hatches are open."