When is Preheating Necessary?

When temperatures are 30 degrees F and below, the engine needs to be preheated. 5SR is equipped with a Reiff "Standard" preheater system, with heating elements on both the oil sump and each of the six cylinders. This heats the engine thoroughly and efficiently.

You should run the preheater for at least 4 hours prior to your flight if temperatures are 30 degrees or below during that time period.

Internet-switched Outlet

There is an Internet-switched outlet in the hangar which controls the power for the engine preheater. An extension cord plugs into it which then is plugged into the airplane inside the oil filler cover.

Between October 15 and March 15, please be sure to plug in the airplane, remove the oil cap, and place a clean rag in the oil filler hole after your flight. This will allow the next member to turn on the switched outlet remotely before their flight.

Controlling the Outlet Manually

To turn the outlet on manually, press the blue power button above the belkin logo. Press it again to turn it off.

Controlling the Outlet via the Internet

To control the outlet via the Internet, you need to install and configure the WeMo mobile app on your Android or Apple iOS device while connected to the wireless network in the hangar.

To install the WeMo app:

  1. Go to the hangar and connect to "SFC" network. The password is written on a piece of paper on the wall near the printer. 
  2. Download the WeMo iPhone or Android app on your device. (If you’re on an iPad make sure you select iPhone Only when searching the app store).
  3. Open the WeMo app on your device. It should automatically find the N245SR Engine Heater.

That’s it! Now when you connect to a different network, whether at home, work, or via your cellular connection, you’ll be able to turn on the engine heater and see its status. You can also turn off the heater if you don't end up flying. 


  • The outlet is configured to shut off automatically after 12 hours in case you don’t end up flying and forget to turn it off. 
  • If you don't end up flying, check Schedule Master before turning off the heater, in case another member is flying after your scheduled time.
  • Always leave the airplane plugged in so it will get power when you or another member turns on the outlet remotely.
  • If you want to see a history of the outlet's operation, see http://skyhavenflyingclub.org/n245sr/.