1. Load your passenger(s) first and, with the pilot side door open, gently close the passenger door from the outside using a smooth and continuous motion, with your entire hand above the door button/lock, with fingers spread.
    • Practice this a few times to see just how little force is needed. The reason so little force is needed is because the pilot door is still open so there’s no air resistance. The first door to close needs almost no force to properly latch, and if you use too much force it may not latch properly.
  2. Look at the outside of the door to ensure it is flush at the top and bottom. If not, re-open it and use slightly more pressure when closing it this time.
  3. Get in and close the pilot door, again with a smooth motion but with a little more force. The key here is to pull down not in. If you pull in, it’s likely you’ll throw off the alignment of the latching mechanism, possibly bending one or both when they come into contact with the hardware in the door frame.
  4. From inside the airplane, push at the bottom (below the door handle) and the top aft corner of each door to ensure both latches on each door are properly engaged.